Best 5G Network: The Next Generation Internet will Blow Your Mind.

Wellcome to Desperatehub. Today I will talk about 5G technology.5G technology is one of the latest generations of our human society. Best 5g network technology makes our life easy and comfortable. It’s especially improved more than 100 times faster than the previous generation. best 5g network response time more than speed in the blink of an eye. It has set a unique vision of discovery. In April 2019 the first time South Korea launched this service. At this time this is the latest generation internet of in our world.

What is 5G?

Here “G” means “Generation” and wireless companies started their journey from that 1G. Then came 2G where for the first time it was possible to send Text Massage between two mobile devices. Then arrived 3G, which allowed us to browse text messages, calls, the internet, etc. 4G has all the benefits of 3G, only the internet speed has been improved to create it easy to download any big size file. Then came LTE technology to make 4G faster, which made 4G technology even more powerful. Bandwidth speeds in 5G from current 4G technology are several times higher than in 4G.

It is usually likely to get 1-10 + gigabit / second speed in this technology and the best news is that it will have a latency of only 1 millisecond. So you can understand, how much internet speed can be accepted using the best 5g network technology! 4K videos can be easily downloaded or uploaded using this best 5g network technology. Another great feature of 5G technology is that it will work with 90% less energy consumption. Those who use cellular internet in 3G or 4G must know how fast the charges run out when the internet is connected. But this will not happen again in 5G, it is known that using this 5G technology can cost a lot like using WiFi.

best 5g network

With 5G technology providing the ability to use a huge amount of bandwidth — now how many mobile operators will give us will depend on them. And since there is a question about bandwidth in 5G, now it is expected that mobile internet companies will no longer think of selling 1 GB for 1-2 Doller, they will have to reduce the bandwidth price, moreover, how will the public spend so much bandwidth? If we are really lucky then after the advent of 5G we can see the real unlimited plan on mobile internet.

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How to Work ??

This technology is millimeter wave technology. The waves are 24, 26, 38, and 60. This generation speed will be 20 gigabits. There will be multiple-input and multiple-output(MIMU). Which will give us the opportunity of real-life experience. When you call or text someone using your mobile, an electromagnetic wave from your mobile phone strikes your nearest mobile tower. Mobile phone towers help transmit that signal to your friend’s mobile phone. Not just calls or text messages, but when you send or receive any other data (eg pictures, videos) it works in exactly the same way. And it will make our lives easier and more comfortable.

The Benefit of 5G

Best 5g network networks have lots of benefits. First of all, it improves real-time ping response. Especially, it will be used for industrial purposes. This is going to be a unique discovery of the 4th Industrial revolution. All the work done on Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics will be done under this section. For communication, 1 second is most important for us.

best 5g network

Its response time is very short so we are finally getting rid of this problem. It is also going to be a groundbreaking discovery in the medical field. 1 second is very important in the medical field and if a doctor performs an operation from a distance by performing an operation with technology, many people think that this technology will be a breakthrough in this case.

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Why 5G Harmful for Animal

Everything has its ups and downs similarly, the best 5g network has its downsides. This technology is harmful to every creature as it has a high wave network. This is especially harmful to birds. Lots of birds are dying all the time. For which only this high wave is being blamed. However, the companies claim that they are not responsible for the death of the birds. This high power frequency is very harmful to humans also.

best 5g network

Why is this Service Being Provided in the City First?

The best 5g network is very fast and its response time is also very fast but for the first time, this service will be offered in special areas Where there are many hospitals and industries only in those areas because it is very expensive. Normal users do not need such high-speed internet so it was first started by some special area in almost all the countries. It can be increased as per the next requirement. Also, the best 5g network mobile is not available to everyone yet. Only a handful have it, and it’s still very expensive for users. That’s why first of all this service provides only specific areas.

Why 5G is the most Costly for Customers and Operators?

Everyone knows that most countries are already running this best 5g network technology. Due to the high frequency, the devices of this network become much more expensive for the operators. The only reason is that 5G has not been launched in many countries yet. The materials needed to operate 5G for operators are very expensive. It is impossible for the whole country to carry on behalf of the operators so initially, almost every country is already offering certain areas which will increase according to the breed.

best 5g network

At present, the prices of 5G mobiles are out of reach. As a result, it is currently not available to everyone. Which will be available to everyone in the future if the price is not reduced or doubted. Currently, 5G mobiles are available to a handful of people. However, we are hopeful that the price will go down very soon. And many big marketers believe that the price of 5G mobile will be affordable to all. And many marketers believe that the best 5g network will gradually reach all parts of the country as per the need.


I hope you understand how the best 5g network works and its advantages and disadvantages. Very soon it will be available in every country, and the price of 5G mobile which is currently expensive will come down. For a more informative blog like this visit our blog page and to watch the latest trending stories visit our Web Story.

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