13 Amazing Things About Best Buy Laptop (You Should Know Before Buying)

Wellcome to DesperateHub. Laptops are evolving more and more popular along with mobiles. This is because people are now more inclined towards online earnings and are showing interest in learning professional jobs. There are many kinds of laptops on the market, and depending on your job you will need a laptop. So let’s now know what things to know before buying a laptop. Everyone wants the best buy laptop. Read the details of the blog before buying a laptop.

8 essential tips

Operating system

The operating system of any computer is especially essential. There are multiple laptops on the market with the latest version of Windows 11. However, I would advise that if you take a laptop nowadays, you will get a Windows 10 laptop. Because Windows 11 has a lot of technological flaws. It will probably get better later. Before the best buy laptop, you must look at the operating system.

Here you can know more details about windows 11

Display Size

Before purchasing a laptop, you must understand the size of the screen or display of that laptop. It is more useful to take a laptop with a 15-inch display. Because the content can be detected much bigger here. Which will benefit your work. Before the best buy laptop, you must check the display size.

Display Resolution

The display resolution of the best buy laptop must be Complete Full HD. If you accept a lower-quality display without full HD, then your content quality will not look good. This can make it contesting for you to work.

Screen quality

Since you always have to look at the screen of the best buy laptop, you should purchase the best buy laptop with a screen so that the screen fits you. Another essential part of the screen is to buy a laptop based on its resolution. At this point, a 1920×1080 pixel screen is considered outstanding for all work. And at the time of purchase, you must take a look at the laptop. If the screen does not reflect light, it will be useful for running anywhere.

Processor (CPU)

The performance of a laptop depends on the processor of the best buy laptop. So try to use the latest model processors.

In the current market, Intel and AMD processors are running more. The processors of these two companies are of very good quality. However, as I said before, the higher the quality of your processor, the more you have to increase the budget.

Here you can see CPU user benchmarks

Which processor will I select?

Now everyone pays better attention to the processor when buying a computer. Because it mainly controls the speed of the computer.

best buy laptop

There are two best types of processors on the market

  • 1. INTEL
  • 2. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Advanced Micro Devices and Intel are both the world’s best processor manufacturers and popular brands. Which one you buy will depend on your budget and needs. Intel’s most powerful CPUs are the Intel Core i7 and AMD’s FX series. INTEL costs more than AMD processors of almost the same configuration. Again, AMD is not lagging behind due to low prices.

AMD can help those of us who are willing but have a low budget. Not just help, AMD gives a super performance in the field of gaming and speed. A powerful computer with a quad or Hexa core AMD processor. On the other hand, if you want to do it with INTEL, you have to buy the i5, and i7, the price of which is almost double.

Never mind that INTEL is taking money from you illegally. It is popular in the world and in the marketplace

In the first position. ‘Modern technology, hyper thread technology, and power efficiency’ puts INTEL ahead. But not as energy efficient as AMD INTEL.

Finally two words

  • INTEL: Price up: Speed up (boost up to 3.9 GHz)
  • AMD: Price low: Speed high (overclocking up to 4.2ghz)

Both are the best in their position.

Now the choice is yours, the money is yours.

Laptop Ram

Ram is a very important laptop. So before the best buy laptop, you must know the amount of RAM of that laptop. Of course, try to use at least 8 GB of Ram.

However, if you do heavy work (such as graphic design, video editing, gaming, etc.) then you need to increase the amount of RAM.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The full name of the GPU is the Graphics processing unit. If you do not have a good quality graphics card on your best buy laptop, you will not be able to play full HD video on your laptop and will not be able to play gaming well.

best buy laptop

So use a good quality graphics card.

SSD Storage

There is no substitute for SSD if you want to improve the performance of your best buy laptop. So before the best buy laptop, you must see if it has an SSD.

Also, if your laptop is old, you can use SSD. This will greatly increase the performance of the laptop. But keep in mind that SSDs cost more than HDDs. SSD performance is much higher than HDD.

Battery Backup

Before best buying a laptop, you must check the battery backup of the laptop. Take a look at how many cell batteries have been used in best buy laptops.

Because if you go somewhere you can use that lap-top for at least three to four hours (it will, of course, depend on your usage).

Laptop Weight

Before buying a laptop, check the weight of the laptop. Many will only tell you the weight of the laptop without the battery, so look at the weight of the laptop with the battery.

Because the weight of the laptop is too much, then it will be difficult to carry it in your hand.

The Right Price

You must check the correct price of the laptop online. Many people buy laptops at higher prices. So be sure to know the correct name online before buying a laptop.

Other issues

1. Whether the best buy laptop is overheated.

2. What is the sound quality of a Lap-top?

3. How’s the camera?

4. What is the quality of the Lap-top charger?

5. How long does it take to charge?

6. The body of the laptop is made of keys

7. Whether the laptop has a cooling fan (but many laptops use cooling liquid).

8. Whether there is built-in Bluetooth and WiFi (but all the latest model laptops have these).

And last but not least, before you buy a laptop, try to get someone who has an idea about a laptop. Besides, you will see the review of the laptop that you want to buy on YouTube.

And many online will offer you laptop accessories at low prices, verify with an experienced person before taking them.

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