5 Stunning Color Theory Books in 2022: Available on Amazon

Do you know where novice and amateur designers or artists failed most? Yup, you got the point, that is COLOR. To solve this problem professional designers-artists use some rules and guidelines, and we call it a color theory. Pick a color designer takes the help of the color wheel that was invented by scientist Isaac newton.

For understanding the color theory accurately you need to read some color theory books. You might be good at choosing the color, have the best combination, good sense of natural color. Also know, how to use it perfectly. Despite that, I will always suggest you read some books about it.

Why Should You Study Color Theory Book?

Color theory is essential for all designers, artists, and crafters. Everything looks attractive to your eyes, color has played the most important role in this.

So you should have top-notch knowledge of color theory for making your project more extraordinary than before. Not any other tricks could help you to be well educated in this except reading the best books, That’s the reason you need to study more on it. There are lots of books on the market, you can buy whichever you like. But in this article, we are going to suggest to you the 5 best color theory books that could be helpful for you.

Those 5 Color Theory books Are :

  1. Interaction of Color: 50th Anniversary Edition by Josef Albers
color theory book

Compared to all other textbooks on color theory are available, Josef Albers’s Interaction of color is still the very best color theory book from all aspects for learning complete color theory, also, probably still the most globally used textbook in the finest universities and art schools.

Interaction of color is a masterwork for art education by Josef Albers. This book is conceived as a manual and assistant for artists, instructors, and students. In this influential book, Albers presents the complex color-theory principles in a singular explanation.

This book was originally published in1963 by Yale university press as a limited silkscreen edition with 150 color plates, first appeared in paperback was in 1971, featuring ten color studies chosen by Albers, Since then, it has remained in print.

  1. Basic Color Theory: An Introduction to Color for Beginning Artists by Patti Metallica
color theory book

In this color theory book, writer Patti Metallica described all the basics of color, from pigment properties to color-mixing psychology. This book has special topics like how to make lively black hues and realistic flesh tones. This edition will be great for those who want to gain a basic understanding of color theory without getting lost in the crowd.

This is a perfect resource for new artists and art freaks, basic color theory indicates the color wheel at work and covers all the essentials, with complementary, secondary, primary, and monochromatic colors, hue, saturation, and value: RGB, CMYK, temperature, and schemes and how to create a color chart.

Each topic is clearly described in easy-to-learn language so beginning artists can put newfound knowledge to immediate use, Also included are step-by-step tutorials, as well as techniques for basic color mixing in different mediums.

  1. Color Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design by Sean Adams
color theory book

Color design workbook is one of the best color theory books for graphic designers by Sean Adams. Since color is such an essential part of graphic design, designers have to be updated day-to-day, as well as the most fundamental, information on the subject to have the tools needed to use color effectively.

The new edition of the Color Design Workbook explains the color’s meanings, how to use colors in presentation, and many more. This book will guide you with the vital knowledge needed to creatively and effectively apply color to your own design project.

The bonus advantage of this book it will also give guidance on talking with clients about colors and selling colors ideas. Also, you can learn the science behind every color theory. The author Sean Adams also added some case studies to show the effects some color choices had on both their clients and consumers. So why the waiting? Loop the opportunity.

  1. Color Third Edition: A Workshop for Artists and Designers by David Hornung
color theory book

If anyone wants to learn about colors practically, color: A workshop for artists and designers is an unpayable resource for art students and professionals like graphic designers.

This color theory book is designed especially with the sequence of assignments and in-depth explanation, it successfully connects the dot of the gap between color theory and practice to boost the self-confidence and understanding of anyone related to colors.

This third edition is updated with more recent examples shown not just from painting but from graphic design, textiles, illustration, and animation. To create a highly readable and relevant text An expanded discussion of digital techniques, new assignments, and a refreshed design have all been brought together.

  1. The Pocket Complete Color Harmony by Tina Sutton
color theory book

This color theory book has a great introduction to using the color wheel and discovering the focal aspects of color, like as warm, cool, and bright. Then dive into moods and color and see how a wide variation of a palette can come across as rough, powerful, regal, calm, dependable, and more.

In this book, you‘ll discover,

  • More than hundreds of organized color palettes can be used in art or design project.
  • Why do certain colors grab the attention first
  • How does color display the certain moods
  • Teaching on choosing the best colors to work with
  • CMYK processes color lists and color swatches to make choosing colors and palettes easy.

With all the advanced information in this convenient portable guide, you‘ll feel confident in every color choice.


So, that was our 5 color theory book suggestion available on amazon. You can buy all of this from amazon. What do you think? Was this article helpful? Does it avail to fill your thirst? Let us know in the comment box. If you need any graphic design service you can directly contact us.

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