Emotional Intelligence 2.0 The perfect way to develop your (EQ)

Hello precious, Today we are going to talk about the perfect way to develop your emotional intelligence 2.0. Emotional Intelligence became popular in 1995 when the book Emotional Intelligence by journalist Daniel Golman was published.

Emotional Intelligence is a person’s own emotions, and the ability to perceive others. A person with Emotional Intelligence skills can distinguish between different emotions and label them appropriately, use sensitive information to guide thoughts, and behaviors, and manage and adjust emotions to adapt to the environment or to achieve one’s goals.

Apologizing to someone

Have you ever said or done something that you want to take back? I know it’s not easy to say sorry, but doing it shows humility and attracts others to you. Constantly recall that apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong. This means that the value of the relationship is more to you than your ego.

Listen to yourself

We like to listen to others when we do not have full confidence in ourselves. It also lowers self-confidence. Just because people don’t always agree with your decision doesn’t mean you are wrong. Think and decide, listen to yourself, and increase your self-confidence.

Try to control your thoughts

You may not be able to control certain feelings or emotions, but you can control your reaction to those feelings by trying to control your thoughts. To put it simply, the Coronavirus epidemic can cause a lot of negative emotions. If you pay attention to these negative feelings but you will be able to do something productive. All you can do is divert your thinking to something that will make it easier for you to concentrate. However, you must be aware of the coronavirus.

Disagree if needed

There may come a time when you and your group, your partner, will handle the situation in a way that you disagree with. In that case, you must thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of the decisions. By disagreeing you can differentiate yourself from everyone else and think against the present. But instead of trying to sabotage the decision, try to make a sincere commitment here to make it work.

Show Sympathy

It’s easier to say than do. But still, show sympathy for the problems of others. Focus on the feelings of others before judging their situation. If you don’t know how to develop your emotional intelligence 2.0 learn by reading this article. When you want to impose something big on someone else, never say, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’ve done it before.’ Imagine for a second what the situation is and what will you do if this task was given to you.

Follow the policy of silence

When someone asks you a deep or challenging question, take some time off without answering immediately. Do not hesitate to take five, ten, fifteen seconds. Basically, the thing that happens is when you go to respond quickly, your brain becomes restless and your ability to think properly is reduced. Take some time, calm down and you will see that you can give the correct answer.

Use three-second tricks

Comedian Craig Ferguson mentioned three important questions in an interview. Ask yourself three questions to answer any question,

  • Does it need to be told?
  • Do I have to say this?
  • Do I have to say this now?

It may take you a few seconds to ask yourself these questions but it can prevent years of regret.

Emotional intelligence 2.0
Emotional intelligence 2.0

Listen to the feedback

In general, no one wants to be criticized. But it is important to realize that almost all feedback is valuable to you. Criticism lets you know how people view you, where you need to develop yourself.

Of course, if someone gives you negative feedback it can be hard for you to digest. That is why you should not respond immediately. Take some time to control your emotions. Repeatedly challenge yourself to how the person’s feedback can make you better. Or how it can make you more acceptable to others. What is EQ? Read This.

Make positive criticism

You must criticize or give feedback, but make sure it is effective. Concentrate on praise and sincere praise, because it will encourage people to do the right thing. If someone makes a mistake, don’t focus on the negative. Make your criticism positive, for example, tell others how you made the same mistake before handing it over. By doing this the other person will see you as a partner who is trying to help.

Seek the help of others

If you are faced with a difficult situation, refrain from arrogantly trying to solve it alone. Your arrogance or pride can be destructive. When you go to someone for help, be sure to evaluate their abilities. You try to show that you value their efforts. Be sure to tell her, ‘I can’t do this without you’ or ‘I want to do this with you.’

Learn to forgive others

If you learn the perfect way to develop your emotional intelligence 2.0 it will help you a lot in the future. It is not necessary to take revenge all the time if someone wants to harm you. Sometimes forgiving can be the best solution to everything. If you take revenge for the loss, it means the conflict continues. Moreover, scientific research says that the virtue of forgiveness improves your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Help others

When someone needs help, you must help him. It is not necessary that he will ask you for help. You go ahead on your own. It is better to work directly. This will increase your sincerity, love, and trust with different parties. If you need any kind of Internet Marketing-related help then we can stand for you.


The key to Emotional Intelligence is to be able to understand yourself, and to control your emotions, in a specific environment. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you to develop your emotional intelligence 2.0.
Not everyone controls their emotions. Not everyone can do this thing if they want to. But we can bring it under our control if we want to. We have to know ourselves, we have to know others, we have to be patient in some cases, and we have to be silent only then we can use it properly. Best emotional intelligence books.


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