If you are a graphic designer or working in a creative studio, welcome to the DesperateHub blog. In this blog, I am going to share 5 amazing graphic design books, which will help you to improve your design skill much better than before.

In this digital movement, every piece of information is a few taps away on your smart devices. Information is much more accessible than ever before with the blessing of technology. You can get your wanted information just in one second. However, with this very large library of references and information available on digital media, many graphic designers have forgotten the beauty and excitement of holding a physical graphic design book in our hands.

If you are a graphic designer, Fill the empty place on your bookshelves with these 5 amazing graphic design books.

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

want to unlock your creativity?

Then, this book is a gift from you from the author Austin Kleon.

This is an inspiring graphic design book for creativity in the digital era, steal like an artist presents 10 transformative principles that will help readers find their inner artistic side and build a more creative life.


What you see inside of the creative world, there is nothing original except nature. So, embrace influence, and educate yourself through the work of others. Remix the elements you have and reimagine their creative work to find out your own creative path. Follow interests wherever they take you what feels like a hobby may turn into your career. This book will guide you on how to steal other creativity without copying their work. Know more from here.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Joseph Muller

If you are an automated text and image designer this graphic design book is suitable for you. It teaches examples of working correctly on a conceptual level. The exact directions for using all of the grid systems explained (8 to 32 grid fields) are given to the user. These can be used for all types of variation projects. The three-dimensional (3D) grid is treated as well. Put simply: a blueprint from the profession for the profession.


In visual communication, the development of organizational systems was the service and the accomplishment of the representatives of functional and simple typography with objectified conception and rigid composition. In an earlier book by the author in 1961 a brief presentation of the grid and text and illustrations appeared for the first time.

Articles were published firstly in trade journals and then followed. This book is now filling the gap by giving examples and accurate directions to the professional concerning all grid problems. The author, a world-renowned professional, thus offers his teammate the tools to solve problems as easily as possible.

Logo Modernism by Jens Muller and Julius Wiedemann

This book is really an instant classic written by Jens Muller and Julius Wiedemann and was published at the back end of 2015 by Taschen. The book focuses on the period between 1940 to 1980. Examining a total of 6000 logos for modernist ideas in graphic design through documentation.

The book was able to get the hearts of most major creative studios and take the prime position on their bookshelves. This is a huge book than any other typical book. The peculiar size of this graphic design book is probably the only major issue most people would have with it, but that’s what makes it a unique book according to me.


Whenever you open the book all of your arguments will be forgiven from the first page of the book, it will start feeling you that is not a waste of money. The interior of this book is completely amazing. It is well designed and laid out with black and white logo marks with plenty of breathing space to separate each logo with descriptions.

It is as much practical as reference material that’s what makes Logo Modernism truly great. The content is divided into three key parts: Effect, Geometric and Typographic. Each of these parts is then bounded by sections, led by style and form-based themes, such as squares, alphabet, dots, etc. The book shows eight different case studies, detailing major projects such as the famous branding for the Mexico Olympic games of 1968 by Lance Wyman.

Art of Hand Lettering Love by Cosimo Pancini

Hand lettering is the creativity of drawing customized letterform by hand. In this graphic design book, the focus is on friendship and the pages feature four (4) alphabet and illustration elements readers can master. More than a craft, hand lettering is an art form a skill that one can use almost every day in every field.


An explained description of the art of hand-lettering includes a basic education plus information on the various types of paper and pens. Pages are provided for practice and finished images, Discover blackletter, English cursive, calligram, and cartoon modern as you letter heart blowing quotes from your loved Disney films.

The perfect break from modern technology, this book will provide hours of entertainment and convert readers into artists in no time.

How to: Revised Expanded Edition by Michael Bierut

This graphic design book is a revised and expanded edition of the world-renowned graphic designer’s classic and best-selling monograph, using examples from a portfolio spanning his (Author) full career to date.


This revised edition of his bestselling monograph examines more than three dozen projects from start to finish including new projects such as Mastercard, the poetry foundation, the international center for photography, and Bierut’s brand design for Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Provides analytics into the creative process, his relationship with clients, his working life, and the challenges that all creatives face in bringing innovative work into the world. It also features a new afterword on the role of the designer in the post-covid era.


So, that’s all. These were the best 5 amazing graphic design books suggestion for you. Hope this blog was helpful. All of these books are available on Amazon. You can grab that easily from amazon or any other eCommerce site. If you want more like this write us below in the comment section. We also have a color theory book suggestion for you, don’t forget to read this out.