9 Common Graphic Design Mistakes: You Should Avoid Today

Can’t make your client happy?

Even if you don’t like your own design?

Hey majestic designer! In this blog, I am going to share 9 common graphic design mistakes every novice makes in their design. By avoiding these mistakes in your design, you can make The final output look “wow”.

What does a graphic designer do? It’s easy. They connect visual elements like line, shape, image, typography, etc. for conveying messages to the targeted audiences. A professional graphic designer never jumps into designing tools first. At first, they read client briefs full of awareness, try to understand their problems, gather information about the company or organization, and research their targeted audiences. then they think about design concepts.

Did you ever ask yourself why your design doesn’t look ‘great’ as your idol? Here is the answer! You may make these 9 common graphic design mistakes in your design.

1. Jumping to the Tools Without Research

In the noob stage, every novice makes this graphic design mistake. Even I did this too. lmao. But this is a huge problem to fix now. When you work on a new project, first know the main purpose of doing this. Find the problem, what message should you convey? Who are your audiences? Research on them like their age, caste, habit, choice, etc. when you gather all of these answers then start the designing process. If you don’t look into your audiences your design will fail to connect with them. so before starting a project do well research. Don’t ever jump to designing software directly.

2. Making The Design Over Complex

Why should you go with complex thoughts? Don’t pressurize your brain too much. Think simple. Follow big brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, FedEx, etc. they always keep their things simple. Because the human brain doesn’t want to focus on complex things. A good design doesn’t need so many elements to make it look great. Always go with relevant items. keep it as simple as possible. One more tip Don’t forget to make sure your artwork has enough breathing space. It’s also known as white space or negative space.

3. Using too Many Fonts

If you want to make your design effective and outstanding don’t use too many fonts in a single project. Giving you the best suggestion, don’t ever use more than two or three fonts. I always try to use one typeface in various weights of font to maintain the hierarchy. It helps me to keep up continuity.

4. Don’t Focus on Typography

It is one of the major elements of designing to make any design readable, accessible, and usable. But most beginners done this graphic design mistake. They don’t give importance to typography rules as they deserve. Sometimes a design looks gorgeous just because of well-maintained typography rules. The amateur or a novice designer forgets to focus on kerning, tracking, and line spacing. If you don’t apply these rules carefully, your design won’t be readable. Without the proper use of typography every design will fail to convey its message accurately.

graphic design mistakes

5. Choosing the Wrong Color

Color also plays a vital role in a design. Be careful about the usage of color. Different colors have different meanings. Let’s talk about blue and red. The color “blue” stands for trust, calm, relaxation, loyalty, etc. on the oppressed “Red” is for love, passion, aggression, energy, excitement, etc. Suppose you are working on a restaurant project. Will blue work on it perfectly?

Actually not. Color psychology tells us “yellow, red, orange” is more suitable than Blue. Because these colors make us feel hungry, comfortable, and joyful. At the same time, these three colors won’t be a good choice for a financial project. Blue will be the first choice for this. So before picking a color know about your brand or company. Keep asking questions about whom you are designing? Which message you are conveying. Also don’t pick lots of colors. Try to stick to two or three colors.

If you want to learn about the color you can read these 5 stunning color theory books.

In 9 common graphic design mistakes, 5 were discussed on top.

What do you think is this blog really helpful? Check out the next three mistakes.

6. Using Lots of Stock Images

Yeah, stock images help to connect with audiences fastly. But that doesn’t mean you have to use it so much. Don’t make this graphic design mistake again. Always focus on your message. If your messages need a stock image then use it otherwise try to avoid it. also select the images carefully, if you are making a marketing banner or billboard go with marketing-related images. In food-related projects select food items as stock images.

7. Not Maintaining Hierarchy

What does mean by the hierarchy in graphic design?

Hierarchy is a visual principle of design that designers use to give importance to content, elements, and shape by manipulating color, size, style, etc.

This is also important as color, shape, typography, and image. Give a different color or size or different types of font in your main message. These short changes will give your message extra value. If you can use this properly your design will be successful and memorable for a long time. In absence of hierarchy, every design has zero value.

Want to learn more about hierarchy? Reed this article.

8. Absence of Call to Action Button

Always try to keep a button like hire us, shop now, book today, learn more, etc. it helps to keep engaging with audiences. in our own survey, we see by using this trick we were able to convert more audiences into our consumers in real life. So don’t forget to use these tips in your next project.

graphic design mistakes

9. Don’t Check Spelling or Grammatical Error

After completing a design everyone should check their spelling and error. If your spelling or sentences are not grammatically correct it will spread a bad impression. You can use Grammarly for checking spelling and grammatical errors. So after finishing a project go with the process of proofreading. This graphic design mistake is almost done by every designer.


These were the 9 common graphic design mistakes. So in your design project don’t jump to the tools without research, keep your design simple, don’t use more than two or three fonts and colors in a single design, focus on hierarchy, choose stock images carefully try to use a call to action button, and lastly don’t forget to do proofreading.

If you don’t make these mistakes again your design will improve so much. in sha Allah. That’s all for today. If you need any kind of graphic design services feels free to contact us.

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