Shadow Web: Deadly Last Stage of The Internet | 3rd Part Is Essential to Know all Internet Users

Welcome to Desperatehub. We have heard the name surface web, deep web, or dark web. But, what is the Shadow Web?
We use the internet most of the day. And when it comes to using the internet, we spend most of our time on Facebook or YouTube. Besides, we do all other social media, websites, and online shopping. And we use Google Chrome, Bing, or Microsoft Edge browser to search for various things on the internet. By using these browsers we can access the smallest things on the internet. Where there is much more in the depths of the internet. What we can call the Shadow Web.

What is the Shadow Web?

You will often see that many people use an ice block in the ocean as an example to explain the dark web or deep web. By that picture is meant, how much of the internet we are using and how much is hidden from us.

Our visible part of the Internet is the Surface Web. The things we search for on the Internet and find very easily are basically part of the Surface web. This includes websites that are indexed in various search engines. These are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Next comes the Deep Web and the Dark Web. The dark web is mainly a subset of the deep web.

And Shadow Web is the next step of the dark web.

There are many reports about what the shadow-web actually is. Some claim that it is a password-protected web. And it can only be accessed by the dark web and requires the Tor browser to enter it. However, you can guess that the shadow-web is much more suspicious than the surface web or the deep web.

Shadow Web
Shadow Web

So, what can you find on this Shadow Web? Well, this web is not good. Those who have accessed the Shadow Web say that they can find a lot of disturbing content here. Now you understand that with each level on the internet, they become darker. That is, first there is the surface web, then the deep web and dark web, and finally we can say shadow-web.

Although these things may seem very scary to us, the existence of the dark web has not been proven. A very small portion of internet users today are only familiar with the dark web. Many people are so curious about this small part. And that means they could access a much smaller segment of the Shadow Web existed. Many say that the Shadow Web is nothing but a rumor and the dark web is the deepest web.

Others claim that the Shadow-Web is a scam site within the Dark Web. Which is used to exchange cryptocurrency or conduct illegal activities online. There is even an alleged Shadow Web portal, to which the user must first pay a $200 fee to access.

So it can be said, what is shadow-web, and is it really real; There is no definite idea about it.

What is Mariana Web?

Some say that the dark web is just the beginning of how deep the internet can go and spans several layers. Others say that the deepest point on the Internet is called the “Mariana’s Web” (which refers to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth). Also, others claim that Shadow Web and Mariana Web are the same things.

Now the question may come, what is Mariana Web? Some say this is actually just an exaggeration created by online trolls. However, those who claim Mariana Webb is true; also claim to have content and websites that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Others say that Mariana’s Web is a place where the government hides highly classified documents. However, this has not been proven yet.

Shadow Web

Deep web and dark web enthusiasts claim that Mariana’s web is extremely difficult to access. They complain that accessing this web requires complex algorithms and requires quantum computers.

Currently, there are many rumors surrounding the so-called Mariana Webb. Among these, there are so many ridiculous things that it is managed by a very complex artificial intelligent system. However, the existence of Mariana’s Web has not yet been proven. At present that is nothing more than a matter of discussion

How secure are these deep layers of the web?

Many of us may have tried to know about the dark web or the deep web out of curiosity. In particular, people have a little more interest and curiosity in taboo things. That’s why many people try to enter these webs at least once. Where they want to know what kind of websites these are and what kind of content they offer. But, how risky is the dark web or Shadow Web? It depends on which tier you want to use it.

As such, most of the Deep Web is the immediate aftermath of the Surface Web. This part is completely safe. The content on the deep web is only un-indexed content. Such as information on your Google Drive, private photos or videos on Facebook, etc. The data stored in your Google Drive or cloud storage will never be indexed in any search engine. In this case, no one can see your Gmail username and password.

Similarly, there can be any website, which is not indexed in any search engine. In this case, the number of people on those websites remains unknown, unless someone knows the website address. Also, it can be password protected. In this case, we can consider it as part of the deep web. As part of the deep web, we can catch various banking portals and academic journals

However, the next level is the dark web. Websites that are not indexed in common search engines cannot be accessed using common browsers. Sites that require a special type of browser to browse. And “Tor” browser is used to access the dark web. However, if you ever enter the dark web, you must think twice.

Shadow Web

It’s important to keep in mind the content you’re trying to view when accessing the dark web. Because, if you click on a link without thinking about anything, it will be very easy for hackers to get your sensitive information. Even in this case, you can be a victim of severe hacking.

In fact, if a hacker can hack your personal information through phishing, spyware, or otherwise; Then the dark web is an ideal place to sell them. Here your sensitive data will be sold to various buyers. Buyers can then do whatever they want with your data, which is definitely scary.

However, we should remember that the dark web is not illegal. However, many illegal activities take place on this web. So, if you are skilled in it and aware and aware of the dangers of the dark web, then using this layer of the internet will not be risky for you. However, every link on the dark web can be very risky for you. And accessing this web requires the use of strong encryption, which may be illegal depending on your jurisdiction.

It goes without saying how secure the Shadow Web and Mariana’s Web are. Because their very existence is now under debate. However, if you decide to visit the dark web once again, I would definitely ask you to make a conscious decision once again. Because every link here can be dangerous for your computer unless you know about that website in advance.

The dark web is an ideal place to sell information to people who have been duped on the surface web and whose information has been exposed through hacking. Where there are all kinds of criminal activities including illegal drugs, and arms trading.

Shadow Web

Last word

Although we can guess how wide and deep the internet really is. However, it is difficult and unpredictable to determine how many layers the Internet actually has. Even many dark web users can’t confirm how deep it really is. Which is really very scary and intriguing.

We don’t need the dark web to do the things we need on the internet. In this case, we can only do the tasks in combination with surface web and deep web. However, we are still curious about other web layers of the Internet. And today’s blog was for your curious mind. I hope, you got to know the details about Shadow Web. For more interesting topics visit our blog page.

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