In 2022 Starlink Internet Profitable or Worst? Deep Explanation of Starlink Satellite.

Our modern civilized people now without the net, human life is useless. Starlink is a division of SpaceX. Discovered for providing the world’s most reliable and fastest low latency broadband service. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, unveiled the SpaceX settlement options in January 2015. Although this is not the first time the idea of ​​space internet has been created in the world, it is a landmark step like other technologies of Musk. Which is one of the unique advantages of global internet usage. Starlink internet launched in October 2020 through public beta testing

Star Link is basically a satellite internet constellation of SpaceX. This consolidation has been introduced to provide the fastest internet service in the world, especially in rural areas.

In the first phase, 12,000 satellites will be sent to low light orbitals, which will provide worldwide high-speed internet service. According to Statista, the global Internet penetration rate is 59.5. That means more than 40 percent of the world’s population is deprived of internet services

However, with the invention of this new technology, Starlink will be able to provide internet services all over the world

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What is Starlink Internet?

SpaceX is the world’s leading space agency. It is working on an ambitious project called Starlink Internet that will provide world-class high-speed Internet through thousands of satellites in Earth orbit. You’ve probably heard of the Starlink internet SpaceX project. It is a satellite-based internet service that was recently approved by the FCC to provide high-speed broadband to rural communities. It will provide broadband internet services in remote areas like the speed of internet in our urban areas.

This means that if you live in an area without access to the Internet, you will be able to enjoy all the amenities you have been able to find and find a job in the city by connecting online with the Starlink internet at home while enjoying things at home. Connect to Starlink internet via your phone and your computer or other devices. This Starlink will be able to maintain an internet connection even when storms are interrupted.

What will be the speed of Starlink’s internet service?

If we talk about the speed of the internet service of Starlink, it is very fast. Starlink internet

users say it can give you speeds of 50 to 150 megabits per second. And at the same time, it also depends on the weather, which means it can slow down in bad weather. Again at the same time, it can increase the speed in the clear sky.

SpaceX is constantly working to launch many more satellites. They can further improve Starlink’s internet service by installing more Ground stations. Where you can enjoy high-speed internet service.

Elon Musk has also claimed that the speed of Starlink Internet could be increased to 300Mbps in the near future.

How Much Will SpaceX Starlink Internet Cost?

The question in everyone’s mind is, how much will SpaceX Starlink Internet cost? SpaceX has not yet announced the prices of satellite internet. However, depending on your data requirements (minimum package), depending on speed requirements, and the contract, the package has been announced for different countries around the world, ranging from 49$ to 200$ per month. Using the internet is essential in today’s society.

Starlink internet

More than 3 billion people are now online, and that number continues to grow every year. However, there are still billions of people who do not have access to broadband or 4G coverage. Even without these services, they often do not get good internet speed, which makes it difficult to stream videos or download large files from the web. SpaceX says its goal is to connect everyone in remote and densely populated areas with fast and affordable broadband services at a cost of 104 by 2024.

How Satellite Internet Works

Starlink internet is a satellite-based Internet service that uses satellites to send signals to your home. The Lower Orbit Satellite is used for this.

Due to the many low orbital satellites, the latency rate is greatly reduced. The latency rate refers to the time it takes to transfer data from one point to another, a low orbital satellite. Due to fewer delays, their online buffering, gaming, and video calling quality is better.

The work of Starlink internet is a lot like the dish TV services we use at home. Here you have to use a dish of users to install Starlink, which receives the signal from a mini satellite. As of June 2021, there were more than 1,500 active Starlink satellites, making it the largest satellite constellation around the Earth.

Use of Satellite Internet

This satellite internet is going to be very useful for people living in isolated areas, whose high-speed internet will make a lot of work easier for people. Internet speeds of up to 300 Mbps have been reported via satellite internet.

Hardware required for satellite internet

You will need a dish and a modem to get satellite internet service. Starlink internet has already started selling all the ‘kits’ including dishes and modems. Other companies have said they will sell similar hardware at the time of connection.

Importance of Weather on Satellite Internet

Weather will play an important role in satellite internet. Clouds, rain, or gusts of wind may interfere with your Internet connection and may sometimes slow down your device as well as disconnect your device.

Starlink internet

Satellite Internet Launch Date

Bharti Airtel is trying to launch satellite internet in India in 2022. Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet has also sought government permission to apply for a service launch in India soon. However, no other company has any plans to launch this internet service in India right now.

The benefits of Starlink Internet

  • Satellite internet can be used from anywhere.
  • Sometimes its speed is usually faster than promised.
  • In remote areas and during disasters, Starlink Internet can provide good service.
  • It can be easily recovered during a disaster simply because it is not there.

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The disadvantages of Starlink Internet

  • At the moment the latency problem is the biggest problem for Starlink Internet.
  • The cost of Starlink internet is much higher than normal internet.
  • For this, the sky must be clear.
  • Heavy rain or strong winds can disrupt the connection, which affects the speed of the Internet.
  • It does not support VPN.


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