Google was on sale: 10 interesting Technology Facts For Students 2022

Hey, Tech enthusiast. Welcome to DesperateHub! We all know how Technology, constantly changing and evolving, makes our imaginary world into reality.

What we see now, was not possible in past. But how did we get to where we are now and where to go next?

Technology makes our daily life easier than before, we can’t imagine a life where tech evaluation is absent. No matter what, we won’t be able to break the emergence of technology in our daily life.

In this blog, I am going to reveal 10 unknown technology facts for students.

These facts will make you think twice and will give you a thrilling experience surely.

Let’s start the reveal mission of 10 Interesting Technology Facts For Students 2022

Font can save printer ink

There are a lot of fonts available all around the world. People create different types of fonts for all kinds of reasons such as decoration, covey, ornamentation, or iconography.

The fact is, if you use the lighter font ( thin font ), you’ll use slightly less per page. To get this advantage you need to print with an inkjet printer that uses old-fashioned cartridges( not ink tanks, and not toner-based laser printers) you can save 7 to 10 percent by choosing a lighter font.

Of course, the flip side to this argument is that as a home consumer, you probably won’t print enough to really see a benefit. It could be helpful when you need more print in a day.

Did Email Exist Before WWW?

Actually, Email is older than the WWW ( World Wide Web ). It’s almost two decades older, Email was created in 1971 while the World wide web was invented in late 1990.

You must be thinking, then how do people send emails one to another at that time?

technology facts for students

It was not always easy, there is an attractive clip on YouTube: “ How to send email— Database–-1984”. The clip is owned by a tech tv show called ThamesTv and the host demonstrated what it really took to send an email back in those days.

You had to use a Rotary telephone and a computer to connect to a service called Micronet. This was pre-WWW, so there were no URLs, only a number of web pages. The webpage number for the email was 7776.

Another interesting technology fact for students,

QWERTY was Designed to Slow you Down

You may hear this lie for thousand times. But this was not the reason why QWERTY was designed for.

There are actually two theories for this, the first meaning to mind when you look at the alphabetic ( a-z) typewriter. While typing, the keys get jammed in this layout. On the other hand, QWERTY kept common letters at a distance from one another to solve the jamming issue.

Another theory that is much more acceptable and logical is that telegraph operators designed the QWERTY layout because morse was easier and faster to understand QWERTY.

Either way, there was no reason to continue using the layout, but it stuck and was resistant to change. You can actually change your keyboard layout to a faster Dvorak layout in the language settings.

Water-powered computer in 1936: Russia made this happen

Before the miniaturization of transistors, computers had a more visible system of counting: things like gears, pivots, beads, and levers were often used and required some sort of power source to function.

Vladimir Lukyanov built something like this in 1936 but he used water to build a computer that solved partial differential equations. In the images from the Lukyanov computer, you’ll see a complex system of interconnected tubes filled with water.

Adjusting the taps and plugs changed the water flow (and changed variables), while the end result was observed by measuring the water level in some of the tubes. It was also called a water integrator and was originally designed to solve the problem of cracking in concrete. It is now found at the Polytechnic of Moscow.

technology facts for students

Thousand of bots maintaining Wikipedia!

Is it even true?

Most internet users know, that WIKIPEDIA has the largest number of data and information. This is a vast collection of crowd-sourced information available on the internet. We all know that online encyclopedias are created and edited by volunteers.

But what if I say thousands of auto-programed bots are maintaining Wikipedia pages? I am not joking, this is true. Today, there are almost 2468 bot jobs approved to perform maintenance tasks on over 52 million English Wikipedia pages.

Those bots perform operations such as new creation, spelling correction, style correction, etc. bots can revert pages to the original version if edits are made due to vandalism.

Some other interesting technology facts for students,

Google was near to losing ownership of it in 1999?

The founder of giant Google, Larry Page wanted to sell Google to Excite in 1999. The deal was approximately $750,000 plus 1% of Excite. But then the deal fell through. Today Google’s net worth is over $1210 billion.

According to then-Excite CEO George Bell, he declined the deal because Larry Page demanded that Excite would replace all of its search technology with Google’s search technology.

technology facts for students

Steven Levy in his book ‘In the Plex’ said George Bell was not very pleased with the performance of Google’s search algorithm. Bell thought that Google’s contextual search results could lead users to other websites, making it harder to retain users on their own Excite webpages.

Apple technology facts for students,

Smoking could void your apple products’ warranty

Did you know that your Apple product may lose its warranty if you smoke near it? Apple has a policy to protect its technicians from any toxic work environment.

Tobacco strings settled on the system are considered harmful. Therefore, Apple may not accept your warranty claim of your products, even if they are under warranty if they believe it has been exposed to tobacco smoke.

There is no warranty void clause written in the product documentation. But there are instances where the company has refused to honor the warranty on a product exposed to smoke.

People have detailed their experiences about not being able to claim warranty repairs on their Apple products because of the inclusions of tobacco tar settled on the parts. If you want to be safe and have a valid warranty on your Apple products, don’t let people smoke near any of them.

Supercomputer technology facts for students,

technology facts for students

Which is the most powerful supercomputer

FUGAKU supercomputer is the most powerful supercomputer, developed by the RIKEN research lab and FUJITSU.
In June 2020, FUGAKU chases down IBM’s Summit supercomputer as the most powerful computer in the world. This supercomputer broke a record per second (teraflops) and various other supercomputer metrics.
The FUGAKU offers 442,000 TeraFLOPS performance while a PlayStation 5 offers 10.2 TeraFLOPS.

Who made the very first computer mouse?

SRI collaborator made the first-ever computer mouse.

Douglas Engelbart began working on the computer mouse in the early 1960s. A colleague of Engelbart named Bill English built the original prototype in 1964. By 1967, In 1970, Engelbart register a patent for the mouse.

SRI licensed the tech to other companies, but widespread commercial production of the computer mouse failed to take place until 1984.

The original mouse came with one or two wheels to record motion and a button to click.

Some other technology facts for students,

Born name of your computer OS was “interface manager”

Yes, you get the right, windows’ first name was interface manager. And this is going to be our last technology facts for students.
In 1981, Microsoft began the development of a program called “Interface Manager”. Most people wouldn’t recognize that name because Interface Manager became Windows in 1983.

Microsoft released Windows 1.0 in 1985, and it is now the most common operating system in the world. It’s hard to believe that the OS would be successful with its original name.

Interface Manager describes perfectly what Windows will be like. In the marketing department, it would have been impossible to make that name interesting or useful.

Everyone recognizes Windows, and millions of computers today run Windows 10. Interface Manager should be considered in the name of work in progress and at best something left in the past.


so, we are now at the endpoint. That was all 10 technology facts for students. Hope you enjoy the blog. if you enjoy the blog don’t forget to share your feelings after knowing these facts. Also, feel free to share the known facts you know that might not everyone knows but they should know. We regularly share trendy information for more interesting things visit our blog page.

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