The Dark Web: Secret Part of The Internet That No One Dares to Tell You In 2022

Welcome to DesperateHub. Friends, most of us people may not know what is the dark web? So in today’s article, I will tell you what is dark web and how to use it.

Those of you who use the internet may have heard the name dark web or darknet at some point in time. Because, today, we do most of the work through the Internet.

These activities can be data collection, video calls, money transfer, online shopping, hotel booking, food audience, etc. In a word, we are currently dependent on the Internet for anything.

Many of us may think they know everything about the internet. That is to say, they have knowledge of all the subjects of the internet world. But you may be surprised to know that the amount of internet we are using,

That’s only 4% of the internet, and there are many mysterious parts of the internet outside of it. Remember, Google, Yahoo, or other search engines only cover 4% of the web.

An ordinary person like us can never know about the remaining 96% of it. Because the rest of these parts are not made available to any ordinary person.

The share of the web, where it is not possible to access everyone in general, is called dark web. Keep in mind that through this dark web, various types of illegal and prohibited activities are done. For example, illegal activities like hacking, pornography, online drugs, etc., are done through the dark web.

If you visit such dark webs or dark websites, legal action may be taken against you. So I’ll tell you never to enter this kind of dark web link.

The question may come to your mind, then why did I write an article on this subject. In fact, I shared this article with you to let you know what is dark web.

What Is The Dark Web?

Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. Internet researchers say that only 4% of the internet is accessed for the viewing of ordinary people.

The 4% that we use publicly is called the surface web. The 96% of the surface outside of the web is called the deep web and dark web. The dark web includes websites that are not published.

The IP addresses of such websites are hidden. Because of this, these websites are not indexed by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. dark web is an insulated network of the Internet.

Such networks must use the Internet, although access to the websites within it requires special software configurations or authorization.

Through the dark web, the personal computer networks hide their identity and communicate and conduct business among themselves. Different types of anonymity tools are used to use the dark web.

These tools are Tor or I2P. In addition, dark web means a hidden website that cannot be accessed in public. However, it is possible to access these websites through some specific web browsers. I hope you can easily understand what is dark web.

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the dark web

How to Use The Dark Web?

Dark web works differently than the websites we use in general. Because, we use browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini, etc. to access the common webs.

In the same way, if you try to access a dark web link through the above browsers, then you will not be able to access it. Because a special browser is required to access the dark web. It’s called The Tor Browser.

If you want to download tor-browser

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Only through Tor, you can open the website of the dark web. Moreover, the domain name of the Dark website is completely different. Common website domain names such as .com, .net, .info, .in, etc. are..

However, the domain extensions of the dark website are Onion. Onion is a highly encrypted domain name that is used only for dark websites. As a result of using these extensions, ordinary search engines do not find the right way.

In fact, this is done through the tor browser. Through this advanced browser, web traffic is anonymized. As a result, anyone secretly or anonymously accesses the web by hiding their identity card.

Dark Web Alerts

I said at first that none of you should think of entering the sites associated with dark web. I’ve only written this article to provide information about the dark web.

I myself never access the dark web site and would advise you not to enter. This is because such websites are illegal. If you enter, you can get into a lot of problems.

If you enter a dark website without knowledge of anything, you will be in danger without your knowledge. I’ve mentioned a few problems or dangers below.


There are many websites on the darknet that, if you enter them, can unknowingly attack the virus in your device. Different types of viruses can be present on these dark websites. So you will never forget to download anything from here.

the dark web


There may be different types of hackers active here, who have the ability to hack your device very easily. There are many hacker groups on the dark web from where you can hire computer hackers.

Webcam Hijacking

Any website within the Dark Web may want to get control over the remote administration tool within your device. This can cause webcam hijacking on your device.

The hacker will keep a special eye on you through the webcam of your device, but you won’t know or understand anything about it.

What Can You Find on The Deep Web?

Many users are already familiar with the dark side of the internet! How to download illegal music, where to watch the latest movies for free, or how to order extra drugs in exchange for a little money. But the Deep Web goes farther, almost unimaginably farther.

Apart from this, child pornography, arms trafficking, drugs, hired killers, prostitutes, terrorism, etc. have all made the Deep Web the largest black market.

“On the Deep Web site you can find out about stolen credit card sales, teams that clone credit cards through ATMs, sell cocaine, and so on,” said Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of Kaspersky’s lab team of analysts.


Through this article of mine on the Dark Web, I have only given you information about this. I would never recommend that you use dark web through this article. Because there are many illegal websites on the darknet. So it’s good for all of us to stay away from them. For more informative articles visit our blog page.

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