9 Dangerous Types of Computer Viruses and Learn How Does This Affect Your Pc

Hello precious, welcome to Desperatehub. Today we are going to talk about 9 types of computer viruses and we will learn how they affect your pc. People who use computers or windows must face the problem of viruses from time to time. Truth be told, no matter how powerful the software or antivirus you use, there is a risk of a virus attack on your pc.

Because the virus is a program that is created by many skilled people and constantly creating new viruses that can not catch the software installed on our PC. Why not detect it will hopefully be clear in today’s discussion. We all know that our PC starts behaving annoyingly when infected with the virus. May be slow, poor performance, software crash, etc.

You can’t figure out the right solution for a virus unless you know for sure what kind of virus it is. The scariest information is that some virus attacks will not let you down, but in the background, you will continue to be defeated.

Abnormal behavior does not always mean that the virus will attack. Today I am going to talk about this topic by looking at some of the symptoms you can understand if your favorite pc is infected with the virus and how to eliminate it.

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What is a Computer Virus? You Need to Know This

A computer virus is actually a computer program that can run on an operating system. PC viruses are naturally dangerous pc programs. PC viruses can infect a pc in a very short time without the operator’s command or can create multiple viruses. The purpose of a computer virus is to take control of your pc or to destroy your system.

We all know that computer viruses and human viruses are not the same. But the funny thing is that these two viruses have a lot in common. One of the main features of the virus in the human body is that it can give birth to many viruses on its own, just as pc viruses can create thousands of viruses on their own in a single moment. There are different types of computer viruses.

If we look at the way it attacks, we can see that it can be like a virus in the human body. It can spread from one pc to another and can be contained inside other programs or software.

types of computer viruses

How Computer Viruses Work

Just as the flu in our body attacks various organs or immune systems, so too can pc viruses invade your PC and various programs, as well as anti-virus. For example, any malicious software is installed without your knowledge, any spy code is activated through which all your activities are tracked on any other computer or internet.

Once the virus enters the PC the malicious or malware program becomes active with the user’s permission and loads into the computer’s CPU memory before the valid code can take effect. Now the question that may come to your mind is how to get user permission? When you click on a program, it will be considered as user permission. There are various types of computer viruses.

Once loaded into memory, the virus will continue to spread rapidly by attacking various programs and applications and spreading malicious or malware code. Whether the virus is a boot sector virus or another virus, it injects malicious code into your system so that it can control any program or file and even attack the boot sector before the operating system is loaded.

In this way, the code becomes active in the operating system and it is what the creator wants, which is also called Payload. It then scans your computer’s hard disk, especially collecting various sensitive information such as various social media, email passwords, usernames, bank account numbers, etc. And you may well understand what hackers can do with this information.

Moreover, they can also encrypt all your important file folders and ask for a huge amount of money. In the past, viruses were spread on computers through various floppy disks, pen drives, or memory but now it is spreading from the internet. From email files, by installing or downloading various software. Worst computer viruses in history.

How Do You Know if Your PC is Infected?

Since there are different types of computer viruses, it is normal for them to behave differently. You may understand the onslaught of some viruses and you may not be able to catch some viruses if you do not notice them well. However, some of the symptoms are discussed below,

  • If Antivirus is not working
  • Slow internet speed
  • Unusual browser extension
  • Slow computer
  • Frequent System Error
  • Weird behavior of the fan
  • Browser redirect
  • Unwanted pop-up ad
  • Social media spamming

There are distinct types of computer viruses.

types of computer viruses

If Antivirus is Not Working

Our PC’s antivirus software basically protects us from viruses. But sometimes some viruses can disable our antivirus. And may prevent scanning or updating.

When you see that your antivirus is behaving abnormally and giving repeated warnings, then you understand that your system is under threat.

Slow Internet Speed

Virus attacks can sometimes slow down your internet speed. The main reason for this is that they use the internet to access your files or data and hijack your bandwidth. There is an easy way to catch it when you see that your browsing is very slow but the net is being used at a lot of speed with any other service, then you will understand that there is a problem. There are different types of computer viruses.

Unusual Browser Extension

Sometimes you may see unfamiliar extensions in your browser that you did not install. You will immediately understand that your favorite pc is infected with the virus.

Slow Computer

If your pc takes extra time to boot or any program takes time to run, your PC may be infected. Although there may be other reasons for the PC to be slow, when a virus enters the pc and scans any data or does other things, it affects the performance of the PC. Computer virus definition.

types of computer viruses

Frequent System Error

If your computer has a frequent blue screen or black screen errors, then you know that it is infected with a virus. These errors can be due to overheating, driver problems, hardware issues, or any other operating problems. One of the reasons may be the virus. There are various types of computer viruses.

Weird Behavior of The Fan

We know that fans on PCs help keep our computers cool and let the hot air out, and when it comes to heavy work such as gaming, and graphics designing, it turns out to be relatively high. But when you see that no work is being done, the computer is getting hot and the fan is spinning excessively, then you will understand that it is a virus attack. There are many types of computer viruses.

Browser Redirect

A common symptom of being infected with a computer virus is redirecting to an unknown or unwanted page. When you notice that your browser is repeatedly coming to a page that you did not request, then you understand that it is the work of a virus or malware. Your sensitive information is stolen, malicious software is installed, or ad impressions are used to make money.

Unwanted Pop-Up Ad

If your system or browser starts showing pop-up ads, you know your computer is infected. This can cause the browser to slow down Sometimes it can show ads for different products or antivirus from the bottom right side of the screen. There are numerous types of computer viruses.

Social Media Spamming

These are the last types of computer viruses we are going to know. When an unusual post is published from your social media account that you did not do or your friends receive spamming messages, you will realize that your computer data has been stolen and your computer is infected with a virus.

types of computer viruses

Learn How to Defend Your Pc From Viruses

If the whole system is difficult to get rid of all kinds of viruses, then following the steps below can get you rid of about 80% of the viruses.

When you see a service using additional resources that you did not run, close it immediately. If it is turned off once then it is turned on again, then follow the following methods. There are many types of computer viruses.

Check your notification to see if Windows Defender is disabled, if it shuts down, restarts the system, and reboots. Sign up for all social media and delete all browser cookies if necessary. It is best to change the password of all social media from the phone. Scan your system with all the antivirus software available, including Windows Defender, if you notice any unusual behavior, then scan offline if any error occurs. Use any anti-phishing extension just to notice strange behavior in the browser and remove the unfamiliar extension as soon as you



At first, I said that sometimes even the antivirus installed on our PC cannot detect new viruses. Now you know the 9 types of computer viruses. Why is that? Antiviruses are stored in specific extensions or coding databases and are constantly updated so that they can detect if a virus has entered. But when a hacker creates a completely new virus, with a new code or extension, in most cases it becomes difficult for any antivirus to detect it.

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