Chinese scientists have developed an advanced system for a number of communication by designing an open configuration of twin-field quantum key distribution( QKD).

The new configuration only requires half the quantum of optic fiber and can be used for long-distance secure fiber communication.

The Beijing Academy of Quantum Information lores( BAQIS) has introduced a new fashion that stabilizes an open channel

without using an unrestricted interferometer or the service fiber and successfully achieved the number of dispatches at a distance of 615.6 km.

The platoon used the optic frequency comb technology to replace the conventional service fiber to calibrate the frequency of spotlights

from both parties in the amount of communication and demonstrated their exploration results through an optic fiber with a core periphery of about 10 microns

and a length of 615 km. The twin-field quantum key distribution (QKD) system with the open configuration is still fairly large, 

and the platoon is presently in the process of developing a photonic chip measuring 1 square centimeter to integrate colorful device modules used in the system.

Once the chip has been successfully developed, bias used for the amount of communication could be carried around like movable laptops.